Generac August 21, 2014

Generac “Power You Control” This is a small sample of the direct response documercial approach that alerts viewers to the ever-increasing issue of prolonged power outages caused by a variety of reasons, not the least of which is an aged and faltering national electrical power grid. Host Alan Hunter (of MTV VJ fame) helps viewers appreciate the alarming trends in disaster-related power outages and the decay of the electrical grid, while offering a practical and affordable alternative to being at…

HP August 22, 2016

HP “Your Best Shot” HP asked Group Mojo to harness its “you + HP” brand advertising to create a paid program that would persuade consumers that printing photos at home was easy and the quality was as good as a photo lab. Mojo leased a 10,000 sq. ft. facility which was turned into a lab where consumers off the street could walk in and print anything – an art gallery – and also production ground zero. At the heart of…

SunPower Solar October 27, 2022

SunPower changed the conversation in Solar with a 28:30 long-form commercial (Infomercial) that engaged viewers and drove strong demand for SunPower Solar by giving information to consumers, the media, and stock markets that highlighted the strong differences between SunPower’s products and their competitors. From this material we also created a variety web videos, social media, and :15, :30, :60, 2, 3 and 5 minutes (full break) DRTV spots. This 5 minute spot gives you a brief sample of the campaign…

Les Mills August 22, 2014

Les Mills Pump When Beachbody teamed up with New Zealand’s premier fitness provider – Les Mills – to market a home version of the wildly popular Body Pump class taught in fitness clubs around the world, they turned to Group Mojo to conceive, script and produce the infomercial launch. The goal was to create a half-hour DRTV program that would not only generate sales, but simultaneously introduce and build the Les Mills brand in America. In addition to enthusiastic and compelling…

Generac August 22, 2014

Gregory Reed, Ph.D. / Swanson School of Engineering Dr. Reed provides articulate and convincing 3rd party substantiation in this half-hour program for the Generac Home Standby Generator. Group Mojo is adept at capturing the honesty and credibility of real people and creating powerful testimonials that work for broadcast, direct response commercials and digital video content.

Clayton Homes August 22, 2014

Clayton Testimonials The genuine reactions and comments by real people are undeniably powerful, as demonstrated in this segment from Mojo’s half-hour infomercial program for Clayton Homes, the #1 builder of manufactured homes. Mojo’s expertise in eliciting honest, believable comments from real people creates strong, impactful testimonials.

Evinrude August 22, 2014

Evinrude E-TEC G2 We created hundreds of videos and spots for Evinrude since 2004. Here is a “Sales Event” spots.

Generac August 22, 2014

Generac “OneWASH” Generac wanted to sell its unique OneWASH pressure washer direct to the public using a half-hour paid program. We created “The Power to Clean” featuring Danny Lipford, home improvement expert and host of the nationally syndicated show “Today’s Homeowner.” The innovative PowerDialTM allows consumers to instantly adjust pressure with one easy-to-use control dial, making the Generac OneWashTM literally four pressure washers in one. Homeowners can now clean everything from fragile surfaces like car bumpers to heavy-duty cleaning of…