Ad-Supported TV Tops Online Video January 28, 2015

Television has always been about “content”  –  read the article here.   Group Mojo has been creating content for television for 20+ years, content for corporate films, content for websites and things like direct response television. It’s about what people watch. Technology changes. Eyeballs remain the same.

Video is the Future for Mobile and Social January 27, 2015

Exciting developments in the world of digital video content and social marketing: Twitter’s newest efforts point to the fact that sight, sound and motion help tell a more impactful story. (Read the New York Times article here)   Group Mojo, a digital content and direct response marketing agency with headquarters in Portland, Oregon, has been harnessing the power of video content for 20+ years.

Surprising news about EV sales January 21, 2015

We at Group Mojo are fans of the EV and are always excited to see news such as this article in the Detroit Free Press about the impact of falling gas prices on EV sales. Not what you expect – read the article here. Group Mojo is DRTV, direct response television, long format video content, and more.

Robot writers will replace humans and common sense by 2030 January 21, 2015

Is it really possible? This robot thinks so. But only news stories. Writing advertising would be way too hard. Read the article here.   Group Mojo, a direct response marketing and direct response television company, currently uses experienced humans to write and create compelling digital video content that persuades audiences, sells products, builds brands and helps propagate the notion that robots can’t turn a creative brief into great marketing.

The long story January 8, 2015

According to Neal Mohan, Google VP and head of display and video ad products, “The beauty of the Internet is that advertisers are no longer constrained by the 30-second video format.” He also pointed out that most consumers don’t care if the video they watch is content or advertising, as long as it’s high quality and is relevant to users. Read the full article here. The folks at Group Mojo have been telling stories for Fortune 500 brands for over…

How will 2015 affect digital content and marketing? January 6, 2015

What will 2015 bring? This article in the Guardian provides a perspective from “across the pond.” Some of the highlights: • Content should be of real value, not just self-serving ads • Personalization will be a big trend • Digital and marketing should be synonymous • & more. As creators of digital content designed to move consumers to action, Group Mojo looks forward to seeing what the unfolding of this new year will reveal. Direct Response Television (DRTV) and Digital…