Google Has a Carrot – and Maybe a Stick – to Increase Mobile-Friendly Web Pages November 19, 2014

Group Mojo is excited by the news that Google will identify content optimized for mobile devices in search results. We’ve long held that mobile is the make-or-break platform for marketers. Mobile is ubiquitous. It’s personal. But most importantly, it won’t allow playing by the old, tired rules of “banner ads” and intrusions that are blatantly disrespectful of the personal mobile environment. As digital content providers, Mojo firmly believes that the killer app for mobile is video. Smartphones are built to play it. Audiences enjoy watching…

“One Stop Shop” the focus of ADWEEK article about ONLINE video November 6, 2014

Group Mojo, a turnkey direct response and digital content provider, has long been a champion of creating quality, brand-building content that generates sales and stands out from the “morass” as described in this article. “When it comes to the brave new world of video ads, rather than battling through the morass for better content, quality sales and minimum waste—some estimates put the number of online video ads that are not seen at more than half—marketers would be smart to recruit…

Interstellar: 15-perf/70mm IMAX November 6, 2014

Here’s industry news that grabs our attention! A futuristic movie released on film for IMAX theaters. As film producers and storytellers ourselves, we love hearing how IMAX cameras were being used like Go-Pros in innovative ways. For the Love of Film: Interstellar IMAX Featurette. Group Mojo is a digital content and direct response marketing agency with headquarters in Portland, Oregon.