why DRTV?

Direct Response Television

The power of direct response television is undeniable. It reaches mass audiences and can have a huge, immediate impact on sales.

  • The cost of media is as much as 60% less
  • The sales message can be up to 57x longer
  • Response is tracked and ROi is quickly measured

A brand-building DRTV campaign can make the difference between a product languishing in inventory, or blowing out the door.

Due to its added length, DRTV can rapidly educate consumers on the benefits of complex products, driving pre-sold buyers to the web, retail or dealerships.

Retailers know its power, and embrace it. Dealerships understand its effect on traffic, and request it. It’s a claim worth investigating. Find out what we can do for you – give us a call at 503-493-2242 anytime.