Flying GoPros December 12, 2014

Technology like the GoPro has revolutionized our ability to capture video in amazing and previously unattainable ways. And thankfully, a GoPro that gets loose from its mooring won’t set you back thousands of dollars. We’ve placed the little cameras in some of the most unlikely places for great effect. However, as this video shows, paying attention to the small details, like secure mounting, helps. See the flying GoPro here. Group Mojo, a direct response marketing and direct response television company,…

Neilsen: growing need for quality video content December 4, 2014

Whether it’s television, computer, tablet or smartphone, consumers are still wanting something good to watch. The key to differentiation in a world where billions of videos are competing for attention is quality. “Consumer demand is not changing the appetite for quality, professionally produced content,” writes Dounia Turrell, senior V.P. of insights for Nielsen. Read the article here. Group Mojo is a digital content and direct response marketing agency with headquarters in Portland, Oregon.  

“One Stop Shop” the focus of ADWEEK article about ONLINE video November 6, 2014

Group Mojo, a turnkey direct response and digital content provider, has long been a champion of creating quality, brand-building content that generates sales and stands out from the “morass” as described in this article. “When it comes to the brave new world of video ads, rather than battling through the morass for better content, quality sales and minimum waste—some estimates put the number of online video ads that are not seen at more than half—marketers would be smart to recruit…

Group Mojo creates new excitement video introducing Sea-Doo’s 2015 product lineup May 30, 2014

Video and digital content provider Group Mojo has created a dynamic web video showcasing Sea-Doo’s watercraft lineup for model year 2015. The video features watercraft models in the REC LITE, RECREATION, PERFORMANCE, LUXURY and TOW SPORTS categories. The 2015 line-up includes everything from Sea-Doo’s latest breakthrough watercraft – the light and playful Sea-Doo Spark – to high-performance, race-inspired watercraft like the Sea-Doo RXT-X aS 260. The video was filmed by Group Mojo in the Florida Keys using multiple crews and…

Pump Testimonial August 12, 2010

Longer, vignette testimonials allow viewers to connect with the person and trust his or her comments.▼

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