Flying GoPros December 12, 2014

Technology like the GoPro has revolutionized our ability to capture video in amazing and previously unattainable ways. And thankfully, a GoPro that gets loose from its mooring won’t set you back thousands of dollars. We’ve placed the little cameras in some of the most unlikely places for great effect. However, as this video shows, paying attention to the small details, like secure mounting, helps. See the flying GoPro here. Group Mojo, a direct response marketing and direct response television company,…

Interstellar: 15-perf/70mm IMAX November 6, 2014

Here’s industry news that grabs our attention! A futuristic movie released on film for IMAX theaters. As film producers and storytellers ourselves, we love hearing how IMAX cameras were being used like Go-Pros in innovative ways. For the Love of Film: Interstellar IMAX Featurette. Group Mojo is a digital content and direct response marketing agency with headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

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