From Big Data to Big Content February 9, 2015

Water in a bucket can be described as content. Effective content engages the audience and tells a story that affects them in some purposeful manner – changing perceptions, reinforcing beliefs, motivating action. So no matter how big the content is intended to be, it must be more than water under the bridge, or –  in a bucket – as it were. Read the article here.   Group Mojo is a digital content and direct response marketing agency with headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Cracking the Code for Mobile Advertising February 2, 2015

Here’s irony: on a desktop, laptop and even a tablet to a degree, this WIRED MAGAZINE article is surrounded by advertising – but the flow of the article is intact. Not so on a smartphone. The article itself becomes an illustration of the problem. Where does the advertising go? Disruptively – into the text stream of the article. Suddenly, in the middle of reading about Google’s struggle to monetize the mobile platform, Glamour Magazine tempts readers with No-Bake Cherry Oat Balls. GQ intrudes with bikini-clad…

Video is the Future for Mobile and Social January 27, 2015

Exciting developments in the world of digital video content and social marketing: Twitter’s newest efforts point to the fact that sight, sound and motion help tell a more impactful story. (Read the New York Times article here)   Group Mojo, a digital content and direct response marketing agency with headquarters in Portland, Oregon, has been harnessing the power of video content for 20+ years.

Google Has a Carrot – and Maybe a Stick – to Increase Mobile-Friendly Web Pages November 19, 2014

Group Mojo is excited by the news that Google will identify content optimized for mobile devices in search results. We’ve long held that mobile is the make-or-break platform for marketers. Mobile is ubiquitous. It’s personal. But most importantly, it won’t allow playing by the old, tired rules of “banner ads” and intrusions that are blatantly disrespectful of the personal mobile environment. As digital content providers, Mojo firmly believes that the killer app for mobile is video. Smartphones are built to play it. Audiences enjoy watching…

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