Try the direct approach. It works. February 23, 2015

POINT: This Ad Age article discusses the top three brand threats to making native advertising work. It seems obvious that consumers would be turned off by content that appears to be one thing and is actually another. Read the article here. COUNTERPOINT: While native advertising (branded content) evolves, consider trying a direct, honest approach that works. We have incontrovertible proof that it works. The secret ingredient is found inherently in the term used to describe our audience: consumers. Group Mojo is a…

The long story January 8, 2015

According to Neal Mohan, Google VP and head of display and video ad products, “The beauty of the Internet is that advertisers are no longer constrained by the 30-second video format.” He also pointed out that most consumers don’t care if the video they watch is content or advertising, as long as it’s high quality and is relevant to users. Read the full article here. The folks at Group Mojo have been telling stories for Fortune 500 brands for over…

Group Mojo updates Generac Power Systems half-hour program “Power You Control” July 10, 2014

Group Mojo, a turnkey direct response and digital content provider, updates Generac Power Systems half-hour program “Power You Control” with new testimonials. The highly-successful half-hour program for Generac Home Standby Generators was recently updated with additional new testimonials that expanded the geographical representation of the product. This testimonial is from Vashon Island in the Puget Sound, Washington.

Pump Testimonial August 12, 2010

Longer, vignette testimonials allow viewers to connect with the person and trust his or her comments.▼

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